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Aims and Objectives

> To provide and encourage quality and affordable training in radio skills.

> To promote skills sharing across the independent production sector

> To encourage new entrants to the independent production sector.

> To encourage networking, collaboration and partnership across the sector.

> To promote dIversity in programme making, and production.

> To be accessible to indie staff, freelance, and BBC and commercial radio staff.

Find the stories that will make your name. This course will introduce you the research skills you need to turn your ideas into radio. Research underpins everything - how you turn an idea into a programme, how you find the best speakers , how to find facts for your script - and all at speed. And it’s a skill all the media respects. So join us for a day to get the confidence you need to research and produce brilliant programmes.

Whether it’s for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, or Radio 4 feature , a podcast or a blog - you need to collect your facts fast and your contributors even faster. Janet Graves and Dawn Bryan have all kinds of factual programmes under their belts from Woman’s Hour to Hardeep Singh Kohl’s Sunday Lunch..  They’ll help you organiser your research, write a brief to hand on to a presenter, and find talkers who will make their mark on radio. You’ll be able to steer clear of libel and slander and have a master class on using the Freedom of Information Act .. The day is full of practical work aimed at building you confidence in doing research on the internet or on the phone and social media. 

Course tutors: Janet Graves and Dawn Bryan.
Where: Central London (t.b.c.)
When: Friday November 3rd  09.30-17.00
Cost: £125 + VAT
Places: 18.  Book your place now at the new Bookwhen site.